GCP provides students with direct access to the program's continually increasing number of partner colleges and universities – a minimum of five partner institutions at any given time – and greater access to post secondary education in general. By the time they graduate, GCP students are not only college-ready, but they also will have earned up to 18 college credits and will be familiar with and mentally prepared for academic and social life on a college campus.

In the GCP program, academic learning does not end with each school year. Every summer, GCP students receive supplemental education and training specific to their grade cohort:

  • Freshmen attend a summer-camp program at a local partner institution, where they get an introduction to college life and learn academic and leadership-development skills.
  • Sophomores get first-hand experience in a collegiate environment through a summer college residential program at one of GCP’s partner universities, where they take an introductory course in their chosen academic track – whether it’s medicine, computer technology, engineering, liberal arts, business, or law – for college credits.
  • Juniors participate in a study-abroad program in which they learn a foreign culture and language, and complete an internship in their chosen academic track.

As seniors, GCP students are concurrently enrolled in a local GCP partner college or university, and they complete college English and math courses for credit. Seniors typically spend the summer after graduation in freshman-orientation programs at the college or university at which they will start their undergraduate studies.

GCP participants finish the program with a head start on postsecondary achievement and the academic confidence to succeed.