» For GCP Student Participants

The GCP program instills students with the self-confidence necessary to be successful GCP participants, accomplished college students, and effective leaders in their communities. Students participate in a series of interactive exercises and personal-development activities that help them cultivate self-esteem and the ability to visualize positive outcomes. Students also learn to develop and nurture empathy, compassion, and concern toward others, as well as how to create an environment of encouragement and mutual trust for effective teamwork.

» For Parents and Guardians of GCP Participants

The parents and guardians of GCP participants benefit from a series of workshops on time-tested mindfulness concepts and practices. The workshops help parents transform their own lives – and ultimately transform their communities – through retrospective introspection, artistic expression, nurturing compassion, and studying the impacts of language. Participants discover how their personal experiences have shaped their current perceptions of themselves and learn techniques to help them prepare for the futures that they desire. By the end of the series, each participant will have created a piece of art that reflects his or her personal life story – past, present, and future.