Students and their parents receive training in how to manage money and get help setting up savings accounts. GCP financial partners provide access to scholarships and educational loans to help ensure that students actually can afford college once admitted. Credit counseling for parents is also available.

In addition to endowing students with the educational, mental, and emotional tools to get accepted into a college or university, GCP partners with financial institutions to provide students and their parents with the knowledge and resources to help pay for college as well.

Students will take a financial-literacy course designed to teach them how to save and manage money to fund their dreams and aspirations. GCP’s financial partners help families open bank accounts and develop savings plans. Participant contributions to these interest-bearing accounts are matched by financial partners and are applied toward incidental expenses during the student’s college residential and study-abroad experiences.

Through its partners, GCP also provides students with access to scholarships and educational loans to help pay for college, as well as guidance in managing the loans and other college-related expenses. The program also offers credit counseling to help parents put themselves in the best possible position to obtain loans to fund their children’s education.

GCP furnishes students and families with a strong foundation in personal finance that will help students succeed in their academic careers and throughout their lives as productive, thriving members of society.